Welcome to the Red Wolf Gallery

12 week old red wolf pups walking at Land Between the Lakes by Mel Cunningham

Welcome to the Red Wolf Gallery where you'll find red wolf photos, clips, and films from across the country, social media post ideas, and a place to show the world how you’re using this site to make a difference for this underdog species!

Red wolves (Canis rufus), native only to the U.S., are not only the most endangered wolves in the entire world, they are also the most endangered wild animal in the U.S. And here is the kicker: most people don’t even know they exist, let alone that they need our help. But with you as part of the pack, we can change that! 

How you ask? The gallery exists to increase awareness and advocacy for the misunderstood red wolf by giving you access to some of the best red wolf media out there, updated every Friday. Using all the resources available here, you can make an immediate impact on the survival of the red wolf by sharing your love, knowledge, and passion. All you have to do is click the ‘Free Downloads’ above and we will send you your own personal link to download any 5 high-quality photos at a time. And you can come back as often as you’d like.

All media is owned by the respective persons and institutions that have graciously permitted the use of their media on this site. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. For more details on how to use the site, click ‘About'.

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