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Tender moment between red wolves at Endangered Wolf Center by Victoria Ziglar
Red wolf pup peeking its head out from behind shrubbery at Wolf Conservation Center by Rebecca Bose
Wild born pups safe and sound in their den

A tender moment between parent and child. Red wolves are some of the best parents in the animal world. Not only do they raise their young together as a pair, but they mate for life and are very shy. No human has ever been hurt by America's red wolf. Ever! So let's debunk the myths that red wolves are dangerous. They just want to be left alone to raise their families, just like us. Learn more:

American red wolves are incredibly shy and want nothing to do with us humans. In fact, there has never, ever been a fatality of a person caused by a red wolf. They just want to grow up, raise their (often multi-generational) families, and be red wolves! Can you blame them?

Six wild red wolf puppies! Pups are always a cause for immense celebration but this time it’s extra special. This is the first wild-born litter since 2018, a huge win for red wolf recovery. Thank you so much for all the hard work of everyone, especially the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service folks, who helped make this possible.

Red wolf older brother gently meeting his new sibling for the first time at Museum of Life and Science (2019) by Robert Wilcox
Wild red wolf running in the fog at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge (2020) by David Busch

Red Wolf Siblings 101: Being ignored by your sibling? No problem. A little bum nip will do the trick! Thanks Robert Wilcox for capturing cheeky goofball pups playing together (and annoying each other) as loving siblings do.

Red wolf motto: Work hard, play so much harder! These cuties like to get some good playtime in after having breakfast (the hard work). Take it from red wolves and have loads of fun messing around! To see red wolf puppies playing and learn more, check out this blog at

Red wolves help keep their environment in balance by improving the health of deer herds, increasing the songbird and quail populations, minimizing the devasting effects of nutria & even keeping coyotes away. They are truly super wolves!

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